6 Things to know when traveling solo

Secretly we’re all jealous when that one friend shows you his latest postcard-perfect travel pictures. You want to have the same amazing experiences but you can’t find anyone to travel with, or you simply want to travel alone. When you’ve done your hours searching the internet for information, all you need now if the courage to buy those plane tickets.
With these 6 tips I hope to give you the courage to make that leap in the dark, and have you own adventure abroad.



• 1 You’re only alone if you want to be
When thinking about traveling alone, people often imagine the journey to be lonely and boring. But in reality, most of the time you’ll meet many like minded people. At least if  you want to, you can always avoid or ditch people when you want to be alone. That’s what makes solo traveling such a nice experience, your comfort is completely in your own hands.
Also, it’s always nice to chat with the local people, or try to at least. Most of the time they are pleasantly surprised when you say something in their native language and will open up to you, resulting in a free home cooked dinner. 


• 2  Every country has its good and evil people
 Sure, some countries are being known as ‘more welcoming to tourists’, and this may well be true. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be alert for pickpockets, or that you should distrust any curious local. You will always find good and evil people, wherever you go. Always be open and friendly to people approaching you, just stay alert and you will have wonderful experiences.


• 3  Being an introvert is no excuse
At first I thought traveling on your own was only meant for people with outgoing personalities, but this isn’t true. It’s just as easy to be alone for a long time as meeting new people, it all depends on what you feel like. Being abroad also makes it a lot more easy to talk with strangers. People are noticeably more outgoing and curious. It’s also very easy to find subjects to talk about, since most of the people you’ll meet will have some interesting stories and good information.


• 4  People are more curious for you
I’ve noticed that local people are always more curious and talkative when I’m on my own, this also meant that my nicest experiences with locals where when I was alone. You will also be more frequently approached  by other travelers when alone, which is nice if you want to meet many new people.


• 5  Make sure you’re well informed before you leave
Traveling solo means you’re fully responsible for your own safety. Look up enough information on the internet on weather conditions, vaccinations, dangerous areas, hygiëne,… While you can’t prepare for everything, a decent search on the internet can make the difference between a wonderful vacation and a horrible one. Also, don’t forget to take a good travel insurance that fits your traveling style.


• 6  Just go with the flow
One of the best advantages of traveling alone is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and how you want, so do that! Don’t make a tight schedule, keep enough room for impulsive decisions. It’s your vacation, your experiences! Don’t let other people take that away.